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Version 20081220 Available

Version 20081220 was just released. This has some very nice big, new improvements in it.

  • Upgraded the Video::Filename and TVDB::API modules to version .33
  • You can now force a specific imdb result by including the imdb record number in the filename. Example: “Some Movie [tt1234567]”
  • fixes issue with AtomicParsley sometimes reporting a file could not be found.
  • You can now optionally choose not to tag a file when a lookup has failed.
  • You can now force a lookup by DVD order. Some series were aired out of order, or put into dvd collections out of order. Now, if you name your files with the DVD volume they came from instead of the Season, as such: “Firefly – D01E01 – Serenity.mp4?” by replacing the “S” for season with a “D” for DVD, a tvdb lookup will occur using the dvd order. Formerly, because items were out of order, an incorrect lookup could occur. Now you can lookup by dvd volume and episode, and get the correct information inserted. Note though, that your files will be tagged with the DVD Volume # in place of whatever season the episode may have actually been from. And the episode will be ordered how they were ordered on the dvd (assuming that you numbered them the same). This way, you can force the order to be as they appear on the dvd (often the preferred viewing order) and still retain all other correct information.
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