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Version 20090110 Released

Version 20090110 Has just been posted to MacUpdate. Use the links on the right as always.

Version 20090110:

  • Preferences are now stored in /Library/Preferences/com.arrmihardies.iDentify.plist. Preferences will now persist between versions of iDentify. After this version, you will not be prompted to re-enter -all- of your preferences, Only any new preferences that may become available.
  • Some tv shows require a : (colon) in their filenames to be looked up properly. Unfortunately, we on the mac can not use :s in our filenames, as it is an illegal character. To work around this limitation, you can now use a ** in place of a : in your file names. Just think of ** (two asterisks) as a sideways : (colon).
  • You can now do a custom Episode Id by editing the epIdTemplate entry in the preferences file. Details on this can be found at the iDentify website. Default is SxxExx.
  • iDentify can now optionally rename the final file to match a template defined in the options file. The default template creates tv shows in the format: “SeriesName – SxxExx – EpisodeTitle.extension”
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