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A tisket, a tasket, a leopard in a casket

iDentify, as it stands now in development, runs just fine on a clean Snow Leopard installation. What I have left to do now, is make sure it still runs on Leopard with the changes I made. For those who don’t read the comments on the posts, here are a few things to look forward to (or not).

A progress meter displaying the overall progress through the queue displayed in the main viewing area (no scrolling necessary)

Fixed a bug where some tv shows (like Deep Space 9) weren’t found because the number in their name was being converted to a roman numeral in the script.

Actors and directors no longer appear in the artist and album artist tags. This was removed because it sometimes caused iTunes to display the the actor or director field as the show name, especially on synced devices like iPod or appleTv. Also caused some sorting issues in iTunes for the affected files.

Introduced a donation nag for the first file in the queue and every 3rd file in the queue. A donation code will be sent to donators that will disable these nags. All those who have donated up till now will receive this code immediately upon release of this version. The minimum donation from now on to disable the nags will likely be $7.50. The nag does not cripple iDentify in any way. It merely hobbles it by requiring you to clear the nag before the batch will continue to the next file.

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