I just uploaded 20091009 to macupdate. Should be live soon. Fixes detailed below:

    Will now find all tv episodes that are available on the TVDB, even ones

  • from new seasons. (previous had issues finding new episodes)
  • Forced period detection: replace periods with a ^ (iDentify tends to treat periods as delimiters to facilitated the plethora of file naming conventions. Alas, this can cause issues with show names that actually need a period for the lookup to succeed. You can now force a period to be treated as a period by substituting it with a carat ^)
  • various bug fixes, mainly having to do with special characters in descriptions.
  • Updated growlnotify and fixed issues caused by new version
  1. André
    October 10, 2009 at 4:00 am

    Hey Justin…

    something went wrong today.. just installed the new version of Identify and tried to tag a few files but it does serously nothing.. only two things get tagged and that is the actors and the art other then that it stays empty..

    i did some runs with verbose/debug levels set to 1 and 2 and this is what i got

    Debug: $VideoFilename1 = bless( { ‘guess-name’ => ‘ Volumes/Obliviant 2/Verwerken/Bones’, ‘epname’ => ‘The Plain in the Prodigy’, ‘name’ => ‘Bones’, ‘file’ => ‘/Volumes/Obliviant 2/Verwerken/Bones – S05E03 – The Plain in the Prodigy.m4v’, ‘dir’ => ‘/Volumes/Obliviant 2/Verwerken/’, ‘filename’ => ‘/Volumes/Obliviant 2/Verwerken/’, ‘regex’ => ‘^(?:(?.*?)[\\/\\s._-]+)?(?:s|se|season|series)[\\s._-]?(?\\d{1,2})[x\\/\\s._-]*(?:e|ep|episode|[\\/\\s._-]+)[\\s._-]?(?\\d{1,2})(?:-?(?:(?:e|ep)[\\s._]*)?(?\\d{1,2}))?(?:[\\s._]?(?:p|part)[\\s._]?(?\\d+))?(?[a-z])?(?:[\\/\\s._-]*(?[^\\/]+?))?$’, ‘seasonepisode’ => ‘S05E03’, ‘episode’ => 3, ‘ext’ => ‘m4v’, ‘season’ => 5 }, ‘Video::Filename’ ); 

    [1mDebug: getSeries: Bones, 1 TVDB::API: Updating series: 75682 => Bones TVDB::API: download: http://thetvdb.com/api/941073A2201BA1CE/series/75682/en.xml TVDB::API: download: http://thetvdb.com/api/941073A2201BA1CE/series/75682/default/5/3/en.xml TVDB::API: download: http://thetvdb.com/api/941073A2201BA1CE/series/75682/banners.xml TVDB Results: Series: Bones, Season #5 Episode: #3, The Plain in the Prodigy
    Now Tagging File Number 1 / 1
    File Name: /Volumes/Obliviant 2/Verwerken/Bones – S05E03 – The Plain in the Prodigy.m4v
    Started writing to temp file. 102030405060708090100 Finished writing to temp file.
    Moving the original file to your Trash…
    File renamed: File Bones – S05E03 – The Plain in the Prodigy renamed to Bones – S05E03 – The Plain in the Prodigy.m4v.
    File Complete: File Bones – S05E03 – The Plain in the Prodigy Complete.

    i checked with the tvdb website, but all seems to be ok there

    another thing i have noticed is that it keeps setting the “getmovieart” option back to 0

  2. identifyapp
    October 10, 2009 at 6:50 am

    What the hell. I’m seeing this issue now too. Everything was working yesterday when I uploaded it.

  3. André
    October 10, 2009 at 9:24 am

    ha.. that was the only one i didn’t check.. my bad.. but i had it with other files as well..

    glad to hear you (probably?) found the bug.. that ever so damned period

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