Don’t know when the next version will be out. But here are some things I am working on.
Optionally change the Finder text label color of files that are currently being worked on. And change the color of the final file when done to Green (if everything found okay), Orange (Missing artwork), or red (Lookup Failed). This should make it at least a little easier to automate some tasks.

I am going to look into the problem with searches containing ampersands (&).
There also seems to be an issue in which Finder isn’t providing iDentify with -all- the files that have been dropped on it. I see this mostly with image files.

I do have a complaint from someone that for some reason, if a large group of files are dropped onto identify, and you have the add to itunes option enabled, some files are sometimes excluded from being added to itunes, yet when only one or two files are dropped at a time they always get added. I don’t use this feature myself (I added it by user request) and I don’t wish to muck up my itunes library with duplicates. So, if anyone else can confirm this, I’d appreciate it.

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