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TVDB Downtime

just so everyone knows, the TVDB has been experiencing some server downtime over the past several days. Although the site is back up, they are still experiencing issues feeding search results via their api to programs like iDentify. Identify is -not- the only program affected by this, and the TVDB admins are working diligently to resolve this issue. You can follow this thread on the TVDB for more information: http://forums.thetvdb.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2257&start=20

They are currently running the XML regen right now. But its going to take several hours to a full day to regen everything. There are currently about 7000 series remaining to be scanned. As we know, series lengths can vary greatly from about half a season to 20+ seasons.

The XML regen on the TVDB is done. however, due to overlooking some site improvements earlier in the year, episode XMLs were not recreated. So the XML regen script had to be corrected and re-run. The regen script is currently re-running, and there are around 13500 series remaining for it to process.

[UPDATE 11/18/11:43 PM PST (GMT -8)]
The XML regen on the tvdb is moving along. Still have about 7000 remaining. Will perhaps be done by morning. Based on the number of entries they started with your shows have about a 50% chance for a successful lookup. Try if you want, but myself, I’m waiting…

[UPDATE 11/19/9:48 AM PST (GMT -8)]
Look sthe the XML regen is done. I’ve just tagged a handful of my tv shows that have been waiting, and things seem to be working again.

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