What it is?

iDentify is a utility for automatically entering metadata into mpeg 4 video files.

iDentify is not intended as a replacement for full tag editing programs like metaX or Lostify. It can however, very significantly reduce or remove your need to manually enter your tag data into these programs.

How it Works

There are two way to use iDentify. You can either open the application like normal and let iDentify prompt you for your files, or you can drag and drop your files onto iDentify. iDentify looks at the names of the files you provided, and based on the information found there, looks up all the information one would normally include from either the TVDB or the IMDB depending on whether iDentify detects the file as being a TV show or a movie.

Want to include arwork for your files? No problem! For movies, name your image files the same as the file you want them to be applied to, and they will be inserted into your files along with the metadata. For tv shows, name the image file the same as the name of the series.

Something to remember

Because iDentify looks up information based on your file name, it is very important to make sure your file names contain certain things; and more importantly, are accurate and correct! For tv shows, the bare minimum is to include the series name, the season number and the episode number. Even better would be to include the episode title. Personally, I recommend the following format: “Series Name – SxxExx – Episode Title” Where xx is a two digit number for the Series (S) and the Episode (E).

For movies, generally all you need is the movie title; however for best results, I recommend including the year of release int he file name as well. This helps to prevent incorrect tags, especially in the case of a remake of an older movie (Reuse old idea? Nah… Hollywood would -never- do that!). So, I recommend, for every movie, to include the year. I personally use the following format: “Some move title [1997]”. It is also always a good idea to visit the TVDB or the IMDB first to make sure the data you are providing is correct; especially with TV episodes ripped from a DVD. DVD Publishers are notorious for frequently throwing together a random collection of episodes in a random order, and releasing it as a “Volume”. Likewise, TV networks are notorious for not always airing episodes in the order they were meant to be aired (I’m looking at you, FOX). As a result, the order you want them in, may not be the order they are listed on such sites, or they order they appeared in on the DVD. Long story short (too late): always double check your file names on the source sites (the TVDB, and the IMDB)

I should note now that it doesn’t really matter much what naming method you use, so long as the info is provided. iDentify goes through a series of complicated tests to determine what information lies where in your file name. The examples above are merely my suggestion, and the method I use.

So far, I’ve personally used iDentify to tag over 200 movies.

System Requirements

Power PC or intel based Macintosh computer running Mac OS X Version 10.5.x. iDentify is untested under 10.4, but I know of no reason why it would not work.

  1. January 11, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    Hey Justin,

    I was just wondering if you had any plans of updating iDentify’s OS X icon in the future. I completely dig the idea and the application name you’ve chosen and everything, and I could come up with some mock-ups if you’d like. I have some other OS X icons I’ve created on my site, if you’d like an appraisal of my skill level (understandably).


  2. identifyapp
    January 11, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    I don’t foresee me changing the icon in anytime soon. I rather like the one I’m using now. You’ve done some nice work though from looking at your site. That babygotmac design made me laugh, and looks great too. If you’ve got some ideas for a new icon, I would not be adverse to hearing about them. But I don’t anticipate changing the icon. Maybe when version 2 comes around…. I’ve got some good ideas for it.. but I need to learn obj-c first…

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