So? You don’t like the way iDentify formats the Episode id? Or maybe you want it to output the final file in a different format… Well.. As of version 20090110, here is how you do it….

Browse to the /Library/Preferences directory. In there, you will (hopefully) find a file named “com.arrmihardies.iDentify.plist”. If you don’t, make sure you have run iDentify at least once, and answered all the preference questions. Open the file in your favorite text editor. I use TextMate, but TextPad would also work just fine. Within the file you should see something like this:

<tvShowTemplate>%S - S%sE%e - %t</tvShowTemplate>
<movieTemplate>%t [%y] [%i]</movieTemplate>

Changing the Episode Id
The order of the file and the values may vary based on your system and preferences, but you should see pretty much everything there.

To change the Episode ID, find the line that begins with <epIdTemplate>. f you have never changed it, the entire line should be, by default:
Which would create an episode id that reads something like S01E01
To change the episode id format, there are a few things you need to know:

  • All occurrences of %s will be replaced with the season number.
  • All occurrences of %e will be replaced with the episode number.
  • By default, both the season and episode numbers will be two digits long each, meaning numbers less than 10 will be prepended with a 0, for example, season 1 will become season 01. To change this, and have the numbers be treated as a single digit, change the values of <twoDigitSeason> or <twoDigitEpisode> to 0.

So, if we changed <twoDigitSeason> to 0, and changed the <epIdTemplate> to “%sx%e”, the episode id would read like “1×01”. you could also remove the x and use “%s%e which would read “101”. Simple Yes? Yes? Good.

Changing the format of renamed tv shows
The same principals apply here as seen above with changing the episode id. %s and %e are both replaced with the season and episode numbers, respectively, and twoDigitSeason and twoDigitEpisode will still affect the length of both of these numbers. But now we have a few more things we may want to replace in our file name. To start, find the line that reads something like:

<tvShowTemplate>%S – S%sE%e – %t</tvShowTemplate>

Here are the codes that are currently available to use.

  • %s -> Season Number
  • %e -> Episode Number
  • %S -> Name of the tv series
  • %t -> Episode Title

Armed with these new codes, you will see that the default filename output by the template should read something like: Firefly – S01E01 – Serenity. Note that I did not include the file extension. It is not needed and will be handled internally by iDentify.

Movie Templates
Though you may see a line reading in the preferences file. It doesn’t actually do anything yet, and may not ever. I haven’t decided yet. Right now it is just a placeholder, so don’t waste your time with it.

Now What?
Now that you have made your changes, simply save the file and quit your text editor. The next time you run iDentify, the changes will be implemented.

  1. Hashbrown
    January 23, 2009 at 10:24 am

    Is there a way to format how the information is handled when it comes to tagging the actual file?

    For example; Currently the app places the Actors names as the “Artist”, whereas I would like the ‘Artist’ to be filled in with the name of the Show – which I find an easier way to sort in new playlists.

    Any hope for me?

    • identifyapp
      January 23, 2009 at 1:00 pm

      No. There is currently no way to use the show name in the artist field with identify. And I do not anticipate it doing this automatically. Any reason you couldn’t just add the show field to you playlist columns and sort with that? I know itune puts the show name in that field, but I neve understood the logic behind that. After all, the show name is listed in at least 3 other places the way itunes does it.

  2. Hashbrown
    January 23, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Main reason for doing this is organization within AppleTV – If the Actors, or director, creator, etc, are listed with, say, the ‘Sort Artist’ or ‘Sort Album Artist’ or other fields under sorting, then AppleTV will list them under that director or actors name – and not the show. Not certain of the specifics of the rules for it – but regardless, that’s my reasoning. Anyway – thanks for a great app and the hard work.

  3. identifyapp
    January 24, 2009 at 12:40 am

    Hrm I never have any sorting problems on m apple, then again, I don’t use video playlists.. I always use the default view that sorts by series under the tv show section.

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