What is it?
iDentify 2 is the next generation of iDentify; rebuilt from the ground up in Cocoa, not Perl.

iDentify is an OS X application for tagging iTunes compatible MP4 video files. When you add your files to iDentify, iDentify looks at the file, and, based on common naming formats, determines wether the video is a movie or tv show, and determines the name of the movie, tv series name, season #, episode #, year, imdb code. iDentify can then automatically look on The TVDB, The Movie DB, and tagChimp to gather more information about the title, such as description, rating, and more!

So, whats the difference between iDentify 1 and iDentify 2?
Well, for starters, iDentify 2 has been completely re-written from the ground up. iDentify 2 uses a true graphical interface, allowing you to edit and change the results of the lookups prior to writing the tags to the file, where as iDentify 1 looked up the information and wrote it directly to the file, and only displayed the results to you.

Also, with iDentify 1, it was very important to name your files properly, or nothing would get tagged to the file. With iDentify 2, if a lookup fails, you can manually correct the title, or show name within iDentify, and click the rescan button.

iDentify 2 can look up and tag files forever, for free. However, if you register iDentify, several cool additional features can be unlocked, such as finder color labels, automatically adding to iTunes, and automatically renaming your files to fit your own naming conventions. The registration fee is only $9.95 payable via Paypal.

Upgrading from iDentify 1
iDentify 2 is a very major upgrade. a complete rewrite of the code in a different programming language; a language I learned solely for this project. iDentify 2 represents nearly 4 months worth of every moment of spare time. As such, only users who registered iDentify 1 on or after January 1, 2010 will be offered to upgrade for only the price difference between what they donated and the $9.95 asking price for iDentify 2.

I’m sorry, but all other users will need to pay the full asking price.

Registration keys are generated manually, but are usually sent within 24 hours. Your patience is appreciated.

System Requirements
Intel based Macintosh computer running OS X 10.5 or later.

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