Build 220

April 28, 2010 1 comment

I’ll be posting this to the internal updater in a moment. I would like to know asap if it fixes the problems for you guys with the movie source. I’m not going to post the update to macupdate till I know for sure from you guys

In addition, this build will pull the MPAA certification for a movie from TMDB when it is available.

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Build 216

April 27, 2010 10 comments

Corrects spelling of “recommended” in the preferences.
Band aid fix for crashes related to changes in the tmdb api. Fuctionality provided by those changes coming soon

Get the update through the built in updater or from macupdate.

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Movie lookup crashes

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The TMDB recently made a few changes to their api, and I need to update. I’m working on it guys. They said they were going to update, but didn’t provide any details to prepare. If the change is what I think it is, it shouldn’t take long to fix.

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opinions: they are like onions…. not everyone likes them

April 24, 2010 17 comments

Okay, I’m looking for opinions on a couple things.

First: Your impressions on identify 2… both good and bad. Reviews on macupdate are greatly appreciated. If, for some reason, you would score iDentify less than 4 or 5 stars, please let me know what I can do to improve it. (preferably let me know here or via email) I can take constructive criticism very well, and greatly appreciate it. Biased bashing though, not so much. The difference being that constructive criticism tells me what I need to do to improve, while bashing isn’t helpful at all, to anyone. It doesn’t tell me or potential users what you like or dont like.

Second, an alternative registration setup just occurred to me…. micro-payments… Some people don’t want to shell out 9.95 to register… and I can appreciate that.. I haven’t had a lot of time to deeply consider this, or look into if its even possible… But the general idea is this: you create a free account somewhere, maybe a site run by me, maybe a micro payment site.. I don’t know yet, but instead of paying 9.95 to register, with the micro payment setup, users would send something like 1 cent per file tagged, perhaps deducted automatically by iDentify. This means tagging nearly 1000 files before meeting or exceeding the 9.95 registration fee. The 9.95 would still be an option, as a 1 time payment for unlimited tags.

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Couple minor bugs in 211

April 19, 2010 2 comments

There are a couple minor bugs found in build 211 that I am working on..
One has to do with chapter markers and files created by eye-tv. As I understand it, after tagging a file from eyetv with iDentify, is you go to watch the movie and attempt to skip chapters, you will instead skip to the end of the file.

The other crash has been reported that I’m still trying to hunt down, and thus have no info to relay about its underlying cause at this time. I’ll update when I know more.

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build 211

April 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Up on macUpdate now… and will be available via the built in updater shortly

Version 211:

  • “Auto Process files dropped on iDentify’s Icon & Quit” preference for registered users.


  • Fixes crash caused by none-existant chapter names predominantly found in eye-tv files.
  • More improvments to prevent autolookups for being attempted while files are still being scanned.
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build 205

April 13, 2010 2 comments

Fixed crash that occurs with DVD Ripper Pro files caused by DVD Ripper Pro not providing a valid date in the date tag, setting it to “NA” when a date is not available instead of just leaving it blank (This -might- also fix a reported crash with eyeTV files… but I have yet to get my hands on one of those files to test with.)

Download from macupdate of the built in updater.

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